Specialist Nursing Jobs abundant in Birmingham

Cpl Healthcare is currently recruiting for a number of specialist nursing roles in the UK City of Birmingham. We operate in close partnership with University Hospital’s Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust exciting opportunities exist for experienced Haemodialysis and Intensive Care Nurses. The Trust boasts a state-of-the-art Haemodialysis unit that caters for acute and chronic patients. Their Critical Care facility is the largest such department in Europe and can cater for 100 critically ill patients. Cpl Healthcare is in the process of recruiting for full-time permanent nurses across both of these disciplines.

The Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust is an industry leading hospital boasting the latest technologies and service developments. It also serves as the Major Trauma Centre for the local area, accepting critical care admissions for the region’s Air Ambulance. The facility has a reputation for quality care, informatics/IT, research and clinical training. It also features 1,213 inpatient beds, 32 operating theatres and a 100 bed critical care unit, which happens to be the largest of its kind in the world.

Birmingham City is one of Europe’s largest cities and the second largest in England. Situation in England’s West Midlands and has a population of 1 million people. The city has undergone recent redevelopments, encompassing the Bullring shopping centre and the award-winning Water’s Edge development.

Candidates looking to pursue a new and exciting challenge in a vibrant and dynamic UK city will be required to meet the following professional criteria.

  • Qualified Register General Nurse
  • Minimum of 2 years Haemodialysis experience in an Acute Hospital setting (for Haemodialysis specialist roles)
  • Minimum of 6 months experience in the last 1.5 years (for Critical Care specialist roles)
  • NMC Registration or eligibility to apply
  • Eligible to work in the UK

For more information or to apply for these roles, please contact the Nursing Team at Cpl Healthcare

Ph: 01-4825350, 0818 287 297 or UK Number 0844 544 3711 E-mail: QEHB@cplhealthcare.com

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The 5 attributes of a great nurse

Written by Dave Cullen

Since time immemorial nursing is a profession that has been held in high regard. For many people, nursing is more of a calling than a career, the desire to demonstrate compassion towards those in need of care remains a core component of the profession. However, there are a number of other important qualities required to be a great nurse. A nurse must be committed to doing their utmost to alleviate suffering, possess a high degree of EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and maintain a strong technical knowledge of the latest medical practices for their discipline.

The following is a list of 5 key attributes that make a great nurse:

Compassion: A nurse needs to be able to expressing genuine sympathy and concern for those patients in their care. A sick patient will experience a variety of challenging emotional states within a healthcare facility from fear of deteriorating health or death, anxiety, frustration or depression. A nurse must be capable of providing emotional support to not only the patient but also their family members who may be fearful of losing their loved one.

Empathy: In order to effectively convey compassion, a nurse must demonstrate the skill of active listening and encourage an environment where the patient feels comfortable enough to communicate openly with them. Empathy is the capability to recognise the emotions that other people are experiencing. In the case of nursing, it means being able to appreciate the suffering of a patient and imagine their feelings from their point of view.

Selflessness: Being able to go above and beyond the call of duty to meet the needs of a patient is one of the primary defining qualifies of a great nurse. An example of acting with more concern for the wellbeing of others than yourself may be something as simple as working through your lunch to spend time with a patient.

Technical capability: Becoming a great nurse can only be achieved by a relentless desire to learn and expand the limits of one’s technical knowledge. It is essential that a nurse continues to update their skills and keep abreast of developments in medical sciences, this means reading articles published in academic journals and attending relevant healthcare conferences. The healthcare industry is constantly evolving and improving its practices, for this reason, it is important to periodically familiarise oneself with any policy, compliance or process changes. Additionally, obtaining required certifications in new skills and patient care procedures is a fundamental part of the nursing profession.  Failing to do so could result in placing a patient’s life at risk.

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Working in the UK: Career advice for recently graduated Nurses

Written by Dave Cullen

For many Nurses graduating in 2013, they may experience a degree of uncertainty about what direction they should take. News media continuously reminds of the harsh economic conditions and this certainly is a cause for concern for many graduates. Do you intend to stay in Ireland and possibly have to accept a job in a slightly less desirable position than you’d like? Perhaps you may consider a temporary move abroad where employment opportunities in your target profession may be easier to come by.

The Nursing sector is a diverse and exciting one and graduates will discover that there is considerable scope found in larger markets such as the UK. London Independent Hospitals can provide you with invaluable acute hospital experience, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities and many great courses that can provide career advancement. A graduate can benefit from these courses by using them to branch out into other disciplines that may not be as easily accessible in Ireland.

However, despite the large number of available roles, actually obtaining eligibility for work in the UK is not as clean cut a process as you might think. For nurses who have not previously trained in the UK, it is a requirement for you to have your qualifications registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). For more information on this process, visit www.nmc-uk.org. The lead time for registration can vary from 6 weeks to 6 months.

We recommend that you also register through a recruitment agency in the UK because they will possess the local knowledge of the market and will be familiar with the hiring managers for the hospitals you wish to work in. Be sure that you have registered with a reputable agency that is authorised to work with UK-based hospitals. Working in NHS and Private Hospitals can be most beneficial as these will potentially provide you with a number of career opportunities.
As with obtaining any job, the interview process is significant part of the process. Be sure to conduct the necessary preparation and research. For more information on how to successfully undertake a job interview check out the following article: Top 10 Tips for Interview Success.
The idea of working abroad may seem like a daunting prospect but the potential benefits are numerous and the invaluable experience and knowledge gained will allow you to return to Ireland with significant career advancement.

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Making the right first impression: Top tips for producing a strong CV

Written by Dave Cullen

One of the most common and fundamental mistakes candidates continue to make is not ensuring they have produced a strong CV. For a recruiter, it is naturally a frustration to receive a poorly constructed and error-ridden CV from an otherwise qualified and suitable candidate. Your CV is one of the most important documents in your procession. It outlines your professional experience and should be structured in such as a way so as to showcase your talents, achievements and skills.

With so many CVs received every day, a recruiter spends an average of only about 20 seconds reading each one. This means that it is vitally important you keep it concise but also eye catching. CVs that contain spelling mistakes, sloppy editing, inappropriate fonts and extraneous details will quickly be ignored.

The following is a list of some top tips to help ensure that you have a CV that will stand out from all other applicants and give you the best possible chance of being considered for an interview.

• Customise your CV to each job you are applying for, this makes it clear to the recruiter / hiring manager that you are interested in working for them specifically.

• Your past experience should be written not as a list of duties and responsibilities but as achievements. Responsibility-based CVs fail to demonstrate how you went above and beyond the requirements of your role. They also don’t give employers any insight into what sets you apart from everyone else and what you bring to a company.

• Avoid writing whole sentences like: “I coordinated and managed all of the day-to-day operations of the east coast sales department”. This statement should read: “Coordinated and managed day-to-day operations of east coast sales department”. Not only is this sentence punchier, it also helps to reduce your CV’s word count.

• Try not to cram your entire CV onto one page. Many candidates attempt to find elaborate ways of condensing their professional experience onto one single A4 page. For example they might try reducing the font size. Such techniques are counterproductive and will only make your CV a challenge to read.

• With high volumes of applications being received every day, recruiters have begun using automated keyword search algorithms to filter through CVs. Make sure that your CV is Search engine optimised by including keywords related to the job opportunity you are applying for. Such keywords can be found in the job ad description.

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Nursing in Saudi Arabia – Stop existing and start living again!

Nursing in Saudi Arabia is by no way or means just a job; it’s the adventure and opportunity of a lifetime! You may be interested in going for career development, travel opportunities, or maybe even personal development but, be warned, this experience will stay with you for life, in a good way.

I am currently looking to speak with experienced Nurses who may be interested in these excellent opportunities abroad – please share this blog with Nursing colleagues/friends trained in the UK or Ireland, who would like to spend a year working in Saudi Arabia, for the Middle East’s largest employers of Medical staff, and in the most innovative and technologically forward health facilities in the world. 55% of this organisation’s workforce are ex-patriates, 13% of which are from the EU, and with the majority of the staff speaking fluent English, you can forget about the “language” as being an obstacle.
Our client offer an attractive financial and benefits package including: subsidised housing (you’ll have your own apartment with all the mod cons), the chance and freedom to live in established and well developed communities, which contain shopping malls, bars and restaurants, gym, pools, private beach, running tracks, and tennis courts, amongst other amenities. You’ll also receive yearly return flights and tax free living and, with salaries of approximately £34,000 GBP, why are you even thinking twice about the move?
Interviews are taking place in London 15th – 18th April, and interview expenses will be covered for shortlisted applicants.
Clinical Vacancies include;
• A&E Nurses (2 years post graduate experience in A&E necessary)
• Paeds Nurses (2 years post graduate experience in Paediatrics necessary)
• Cardiology Nurses (2 years post graduate experience in Cardiac Nursing necessary)
• Ortho Nurses (2 years post graduate experience in Orthopaedics necessary
• Clinical Nurse Specialists in; Oncology, Pain, Cardiology, ICU & General Medical (Candidates will require a BSc Nursing & Masters Nursing qualifications, and minimum 3-5 years post graduate experience in their chosen specialty)
• Complex Care Lead Nurses in; Oncology, Paediatrics, Medical, Surgical & Cardiology (Candidates will require a BSc Nursing qualification and 9 years post graduate experience, 3 of which must be in their chosen specialty)
Escape the doom and gloom of constant talks of budgets, recessions, bank bail-outs, property taxes, bad weather, etc and take 1-2 years out to fulfil your sense of adventure, experience life in a foreign land, and enjoy the sun. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made.
Contact Annmarie on +353 1 4825354 (Ire) or 0844 2324983 (UK), or email annemarie.gallacher@cplhealthcare.com for more information.

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aaNursing Opportunities in Saudi Arabia

Interviews occur April 15th in London Interview expenses covered for short listed applicants. Saudi Arabia is truly like another world, in a good way.  It is a unique country rich in culture, religion and tradition; hence the country has a … Continue reading

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It’s a Nurses Life! Living and Working in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

I am currently recruiting nurses from Ireland, UK and the EU for A&E and Paediatric roles in some of the finest hospital this world has ever seen, in Saudi Arabia. People seem to be reluctant to take on a new challenge like this, but from the research I have carried out, I have found that Saudi Arabia offers wonderful opportunities to build nursing careers and it also offers an exceptional way of life!
Saudi Arabia is the largest state in Western Asia. It has an estimated population of 27 million, of which 9 million are registered foreign expatriates.
As well as the long-established oil & gas industries, the Healthcare Sector is growing fast in Saudi Arabia. There is an abundance of hospital jobs in Saudi for Nurses, specifically in the states of Jeddah and Riyadh.
Saudi offers great career progression opportunities. Nurses get international experience and also get to work in some of the worlds most modern and state-of-the-art hospitals. The amount of Healthcare Facilities is growing at a rapid rate and the common entity between all of these facilities is they are all eager to hire foreign nurses!
There is a large foreign population in Saudi and hospitals provide for these expatriates extensively. Therefore, Saudi hospitals prefer to employ nurses who understand the needs of foreigners and can offer them exceptional care and attention.
Nurses qualified to work in Acute areas such as surgical departments, intensive care units, emergency departments, radiology departments, paediatrics departments, maternity departments etc. are greatly sought after.
The benefits of nursing in Saudi are plentiful – nurses are paid well and salaries are tax-free!
If you would like to get more information about living and working in Saudi Arabia as a nurse please do not hesitate to contact me!
Niamh Rooney
| Recruitment Consultant | Permanent Nursing Team | Cpl Healthcare
niamh.rooney@cplhealthcare.com| +353 91 507516 Phone |

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Critical Care Nursing Shortages

Patient Care is becoming increasingly complex, Critical Care Nurses will need to become ever more knowledgeable to stay ahead in this field.  

Critical Care Nurses work wherever critically ill patients are found, namely Intensive Care Units, Paediatric ICUs, Neonatal ICUs, Cardiac Care Units, Cardiac Catheter Laboratories, Telemetry Units, Emergency and Recovery Rooms.  We at Cpl are noticing a greater demand for experienced ICU Nurses in the global healthcare market. This in turn means that Critical Care Nurses have their pick of jobs, and are very much in demand.

Cpl is currently working with Europe’s largest single Intensive Care Unit, based at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, with the capacity to care for 100 critically ill patients.  Our team is led by a RGN, who has a Higher Diploma in Critical Care Nursing and many years experience.  They have visited this site numerous times and cannot stop raving about it.  Seemingly it is an ideal place for an experienced Nurse to further develop their ICU skills and work with an industry leader in this space.  There is a huge buzz about this unit – it’s busy, fast paced, technologically advanced and innovative in their practices, and receives patients from their own A&E, other UK hospitals, and from overseas.

The future of Critical Care Nursing is very exciting; with rapid advances in healthcare and technology, more people are being cared for at home, meaning patients in Critical Care Units are more ill than ever.  Many patients in today’s Critical Care Units would not have survived in the past.  Due to the ever changing and evolving nature of Critical Care Nursing, we at Cpl feel it is extremely important for a Nurse with a strong interest to build their career in this field to work with the best Unit available in the country, and in the UK we believe this to be at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, part of the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.  Here you will receive training and be at the centre of the latest information and practices in ICU Nursing, helping you develop your own skills and enable you to manage new treatments and technologies.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Qualified
    Registered General Nurse
  • Minimum
    6 months experience in the last 1.5 years working in a Critical Care setting
  • NMC
    Registration or eligibility to apply
  • Eligible
    to work in the UK

For more information or to apply please contact Catriona Kelly at Cpl Healthcare:

Ph: +353 91 507510 or UK Number 0844 232 0714

E-mail: catriona.kelly@cplhealthcare.com


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Cpl Healthcare scoops the ‘Best in Practice Healthcare’ Award 2012

Last Friday night, members of the Cpl Healthcare team donned their glad rags and
headed for the Shelbourne Hotel where over 330 of Ireland’s leading recruitment
industry figures were gathered for the prestigious National Recruitment
Federation Awards 2012.

The awards are designed to identify and reward excellence in recruitment and Cpl
Healthcare had great success on the night, scooping the award for Best in Practice Healthcare’ along with Cpl Healthcare’s Recruitment
Consultant, Aoife Berrigan picking up an individual gong for completing the NRF Certificate in Recruitment Practice Aoife’s grade ranked in the top 6 out of 142 students in 2012.

The evening was attended by Cpl Healthcare’s Managing Director, Niall McDevitt,
Elaine Higgins, Nursing Agency Manager and Annmarie Gallacher, Principal Team Lead Nursing Division.

The competition was excellent and achieving top spot in the ‘Best in Practice Healthcare’
category is a great accomplishment for the Cpl Healthcare team. Cpl Healthcare is dedicated to excellent recruitment practice and we are committed to fulfilling the needs of our clients and candidates alike.

Finally, huge congratulation goes out to all winners on the night and to the NRF committee for a thoroughly enjoyable event.

Niamh Rooney

Recruitment Consultant

CPL Healthcare

Ph: +353 91 507516

E: niamh.rooney@cplhealthcare.com




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