International Men’s Health Week: Small Steps to Improve Men’s Health

From Monday 11th June to Sunday 17th June, we celebrate International Men’s Health Week. This year’s theme is centred on the words of Astronaut Neil Armstrong, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

To mark the occasion in Cpl Healthcare, we asked a number of our male colleagues to share what small step they have taken to improve their health this year.

Niall McDevitt, Managing Director, Cpl Healthcare

I am 38 years old and as I get older, I’ve become much more conscious of my overall health and how I take care of myself. This year, I have decided to take on the challenge of running a marathon. I am now four months into training and am thoroughly enjoying the regular exercise. The knock-on effect has been great, my sleeping is better, I am thinking clearer and have much more energy. The positive impact kicked in almost immediately. My advice is to set your goal and take it one step at a time to achieve it.

Paolo Lodi, International Sourcing Specialist, Cpl Healthcare

My small step to improve men’s health is going to be encouraging my own network to get active. I always try to show my friends how beneficial it is to do any physical movement each day. We don’t need to work out for hours to improve the quality of our life: we just need to do some activity every day. Regularity is what makes the difference! In line with this idea, I’ve also started cycling to work. This daily physical exercise offers me the chance to keep my body trained and healthy.  And it’s also beneficial for my mind: I strongly believe in the Latins’ idea mens sana in corpore sano, a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Alan Duffy, Graphic Designer, Cpl Healthcare

Back in January I decided to get back in the saddle and cycle to work at least 3 days a week. It was tough at first but not even the storms and the snow could stop me! It’s been 6 months now and I’ve never felt better.

The health benefits of exercise, both physical and mental, cannot be overestimated. Physically, I’m fitter, healthier and more flexible. Mentally, the process of not thinking about anything except getting where I need to go is incredibly meditative. The energy, otherwise wasted on potential anxiety about the day, has been spent and helps me to adopt a calmer state of mind.

Self care is hugely important in any person’s life. Even in this day and age, men are still less inclined to admit they need to improve their physical and mental health. Exercise is hugely beneficial for mind and body so get out there and get moving, men!

Kevin Kelly, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Cpl Healthcare

Since the start of the year, I’ve started to make a real effort to increase my physical activity. This is not always easy with two young kids at home. Jogging is something that I enjoy a lot. Being based in an office environment, with artificial lighting and air conditioning, it is great to get out in the evenings to stretch my legs and get some fresh air.  I try to get out jogging every other night for somewhere between 30-50 minutes. One super initiative I used this year in my quest to get back running, was Parkrun. These take place every Saturday in parks all around the world, with 77 locations in Ireland alone. The goal of parkrun is to promote inclusiveness and wellbeing through their free, weekly 5km timed runs. The events welcome runners at all levels from trained athletes to individuals who have never ran in their life. I would definitely recommend checking them out.

Learn more about the Men’s Health Forum in Ireland

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How to Prepare for a Skype Nursing Interview

Skype interviews are becoming more and more common place, especially when it comes to international nursing positions. Interviewing on Skype gives you the opportunity to interview for your dream nursing job – without having to travel.

With this comes great accessibility, but also some stress over how to effectively convey your personality and skill set over video.

The following tips will help you get around these worries and ensure you succeed at your next Skype nursing interview.

 1. Prepare the interview setting

First and foremost, make sure you are alone in the room and where possible, lock the door to avoid any disturbances! Your interviewer needs to be able to hear you and see you clearly, so make sure that you login to your Skype account in advance and that you have a good quality Internet connection. Also, be sure to speak up. Even if you have checked that everything is working as it should be, sometimes you cannot avoid outside noise creeping in, so speak loudly and clearly.

2. Dress interview appropriate

You may be interviewing from the comfort of your home, but that doesn’t mean that you can dress that way. Non verbal cues become even more important when you can’t interview face to face, so keep your appearance professional. Dressing this way will also help you switch into professional mode mentally and keep you focused.

3. Don’t assume anything

Give as much detail as possible to showcase your complete knowledge and training. Describe your previous work experience, your internships during university and your post-graduate experience too. Do not assume that the people on the screen know everything about nursing. Show off every aspect of your expertise to the interviewing panel.

4. Do your research

It is easy to talk about the things you know, like nursing! However, the interview panel will want to find out what you know about the hospital and why you want to work there.  Research the hospital’s values, the area that the hospital is based in, what you like and what you are eager to find out more about. This shows how serious you are about  the opportunity. Also, prepare questions for the interviewers, this makes you look more interested.

5. Practice

As awkward, as it may feel speaking to a screen, it’s important that you look as natural as possible. Do practice runs with a friend or your recruiter and record it. This way you can see exactly how you look on video and correct any quirks in advance such as where to best position the camera or what to do with your hands. Also, you can get some useful feedback. All these little things will help you feel more comfortable on the day.


Think you’re now ready for your next skype interview?

Get in touch with me on 00353 1 482 5426 or email your CV in English to  I’d be happy to prepare you and get you all set up with one of the many trusts that are hiring.


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Volunteering Opportunities with VSO Ireland

Cpl Healthcare had a Facebook Live information session with VSO Ireland to discuss their incredible volunteering opportunities in Uganda.

VSO Ireland has launched a maternal and neonatal health programme in Karamoja, Uganda. This programme is aimed at providing life saving healthcare services to at risk pregnant teenagers and their babies.

Cpl Healthcare is working in partnership with VSO Ireland to source the following medical professionals:

  • Nurse & midwife mentors
  • Nurses/midwives with sexual and reproductive health experience
  • Neonatal nurses

Watch the full video here:

We are live with VSO Ireland’s Hester Jackman and our own Cpl Healthcare Recruitment Consultant Kevin Kelly to discuss volunteering opportunities in Uganda! For full info visit

Posted by Cpl Healthcare on Thursday, April 26, 2018

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Agency Nursing: Why now?

Well here we are again at the start of a New Year bringing with it the prospect of new beginnings and endless possibilities for the year ahead. Many people use this time to start fresh and turn over a new leaf in many aspects of their life. I’m sure many of you (myself included) have a long list of New Year’s resolutions such as eat healthier or travel to a desired dream destination! If you have also penned ‘career change’ on this list and you are working in the Healthcare Industry, agency work might be the perfect direction for your next career move.

Agency work has a number of benefits, especially if you are embarking on a new career path.

Why Agency Nursing?



You decide when you are available to work as well as the times when you work e.g.  nights, full days or short days. This is particularly useful when you are a working parent or looking to wind down in your career, as you are no longer chained to a strict timetable. You’re in control.


You get to pick exactly where you want to work. It is your prerogative if you don’t want to go to a particular facility type or location, based on your preferences.  For example, if you want to cut your commute, you can choose to only work in facilities in your area.


As you can decide to work in many different sites, valuable experience can be gained in different settings such as Intellectual Disability, Care of the Elderly and Psychiatric as well as Acute. This range of experience is something that you wouldn’t get if you were limited to one hospital or care facility.

Plenty of Opportunities

As a result of the HSE Contract implemented from the 1st of September 2017, Cpl Healthcare are now supplying to all Hospitals in the HSE regardless of location or category of staff. This means that anyone who wishes to work with Cpl Healthcare in any location in Ireland can do so.

There is currently a huge demand for all Agency Nursing disciplines in sites across Ireland. Some of the ‘hotspots’ for opportunities we have available at the moment include;

  • General Nursing– Dublin, Portlaoise, Waterford, Tipperary, Cork, Kerry
  • Psychiatric Nursing– Waterford and Tipperary
  • Midwifery- South Dublin and Cork
  • Children’s Nursing– North Dublin
  • Homecare Cases– Nationwide
  • Community Nursing -Dublin and Nationwide

If you are interested in Agency work and the area or location of your interest is not listed above, please contact our Recruitment Team who will be able to discuss the numerous other opportunities and locations available.

To start your journey with Cpl Healthcare and tick one resolution off your list for 2018, contact our dedicated team of recruiters now on 014825444 or via email at

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your goals for 2018.

Are you a nurse or midwife thinking of coming home?

It wasn’t easy leaving home but it can also be hard to make the decision to come home. I myself left Ireland twice for nursing opportunities abroad. Coming home will always be in the back of your mind but, like myself, most of you probably left due to limited opportunities in Ireland. The good news is, this has completely changed over the past couple of years.

Home was always my end goal and my reason for actually returning home came in the form of further education opportunities. Whatever the reason, if you’re considering a move home, there are plenty of reasons why now is the right time!

Why now?

  • Most hospitals now offer relocation allowances for nurses and midwives, which makes moving home more financially manageable. Relocating and the associated costs can be an expensive business, meaning that a helping hand can make it more appealing!
  • We NEED you! You left and brought your expertise with you, now you can bring the knowledge you gained abroad back to us. Come home and implement change in Irish hospitals. Large-scale recruitment drives have been taking place over the last couple of years and nursing jobs and midwifery jobs are in demand across a variety of settings.
  • More specialist nursing and midwifery roles are continually being created across various settings, offering opportunities for you to become an expert in your field of interest. Currently we have vacancies for General Nurses, Children’s Nurses, Intellectual Disability Nurses and Psychiatric Nurses.
  • Skype is now regularly used for interviews by many employers so you may not even have to travel home to interview, making applying for jobs in Ireland a lot less hassle and a lots more feasible.
  • I hate to mention the ‘P’ word as you may be a long way off retirement but unfortunately, ‘pensions’ are something we all need to consider! If you are hoping for your full Irish pension, you need to start your contributions early on!
  • Increments! You may have been out of the Irish health care service for some time but your experience nursing abroad is counted towards your incremental scale, even agency work, as long as you can provide verifications of service from your employers. Your increments go up annually and the current HSE Salary scale can be viewed here.
  • No more care packages of Barry’s tea, Tayto or Penney’s socks. You will have all your Irish favourites right at your door step!

How easy is it?

To make the process as simple as possible, here are a few points to consider when relocating;

  • Do you need to register/reactivate your NMBI? This can take time, so the sooner you start the process the better!
  • Where in the country do you want to work? Where are the opportunities? What position do you want? You can join our nursing agency and work where you want, when you want. You will be paid as per HSE salary scales, and yes your experience is recognised!
  • When are you hoping to relocate home? Think about the notice period to your current employer, time to relocate, find accommodation etc. Try to factor this in when interviewing to let your prospective employer know a realistic time frame for starting, this will also reduce the stress in relocating!
  • Be sure your CV is up to date and includes any Nurse work experience you have received abroad. Experience in a different environment and even more in a different language setting will give you an advantage in interview.

If you are thinking about returning home and want to find out about what opportunities are out there, contact myself at or call +35314825429. Just think… no more Kerry Gold Butter and Denny’s sausages getting seized at the border!

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