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Aged Care Nursing opportunities in Cork!

We are constantly hearing in the media of the lack of job opportunities for Nurses in Ireland, but I believe that Nurses today are not fully exploring their options fully. The majority of Nurses I speak with on a daily basis, regardless of whether they’re newly qualified or experienced, all want to work in “sexy” environments like A&E, acute Surgical, Theatre, etc and view posts in Aged Care facilities as dead-end jobs, with no opportunities to progress their career or develop their skills.

How wrong they are – with an ever-ageing population, the specialised field of Aged Care has never been so important. Most Aged Care Nursing roles now can open the door to excellent career and educational opportunities, and as a Nurse, you will always be making a difference to someone’s life, regardless of what field you work in. It’s really how you view your work environment and opportunities – if you don’t ask for further education, you won’t get. The same with climbing the career ladder, you have to be prepared to “work” at it.

One of our most important clients has recently opened a brand new facility in a town east of Cork city, and are currently looking to hire Nurses at Staff Nurse, CNM and ADON level – if you are a qualified EU Nurse who is interested in relocating to secure permanent employment in Ireland, then these positions could be of extreme interest to you.

County Cork is situated in southwest Ireland; the largest of all the Irish counties, it has a beautiful mix of city and country which appeals to all ages. Situated on the banks of the River Lee, Cork is the second largest city in Ireland and has grown from a trading merchant city established over 1,000 years ago, to a cosmopolitan vibrant 21st century city of today. It was awarded the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture 2005 and has a thriving commercial, social and cultural sector.

The city has been very successful in the past in attracting foreign investment in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, with companies such as Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Novartis, Glaxosmithkline, Johnson & Johnson and Schering Plough all based in the Metropolitan Cork area. Cork city is accessible by train, bus, road, water and air, with Cork International Airport being one of the fastest growing airports in Ireland.

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If you’re a Nurse and are considering Ireland as an employment location, contact Annmarie today on +353 1 4825354 (Ire), 0844 2324983 (UK) or annemarie.gallacher@cplhealthcare.com to discuss your options further.

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