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Aged Care Nursing opportunities in Cork!

We are constantly hearing in the media of the lack of job opportunities for Nurses in Ireland, but I believe that Nurses today are not fully exploring their options fully. The majority of Nurses I speak with on a daily


Nursing In Cork

It is so refreshing to be the bearer of good tidings! Over the past few years the headlines relating to nurses have been dominated with recession buzz words, such as ‘budget cuts’ ‘austerity measures’ ‘cut backs ‘and the most damning of


Nursing in Europe

Some of our clients in Ireland, England and the Channel Islands are interested in recruiting Staff Nurses from EU member countries such as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.   EU


Calling all Portuguese Nurses….We’re coming to...

Following a recent trip to Portugal to source Nurses for roles in Ireland, the UK and The Channel Islands, Cpl Healthcare have been made acutely aware of the many talented Nurses in Portugal seeking work in other European countries.  Like


Nursing Interviews in Portugal 6th September...

Cpl Healthcare has excellent opportunities for experienced Nurses who are interested in working in the NHS, public and private Hospitals and healthcare organisations in Ireland, the UK & Channel Islands. Vacancies exist in the following areas, and more: Theatre Gynaecology


Not Your Average Doctor!

Not Your Average Doctor! The average non-medical person imagines all Doctors in a white coat with a stethoscope working in a clinic or hospital with the general public. In some ways, most students who apply to study Medicine probably have

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