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Pharmacy CV Preparation

In the halcyon days of Pharmacy recruitment where much was done through word of mouth, a formal interview was a rarity, with a request for a CV pushing some Pharmacists into unchartered territory and seen almost as an affront by

Sunshine and fresh air can breed...

This week has seen record high temperatures in Ireland for this time of year. The time has changed, the evenings are longer and summer is most definitely in the air. Everyone seems in better spirits, happier, more refreshed and positive.

Sourcing – Where to find Good...

I am half way through my first month as a Nursing Recruitment Consultant and I’ve noticed the most common word floating around the office is “Sourcing” and it doesn’t always have a joyous tone! I received training on Sourcing this


My First Week as a Nursing...

First of all I’d like to thank all my colleagues at Cpl Healthcare for making me feel so welcome in my first week especially all the girls on the Nursing team! My first day was a little daunting, as there


Graduating as a Nurse in 2012,...

Nurses graduating in 2012 must be feeling a little uneasy about their future and what direction their nursing career is going to take. You turn on the radio and the topics of choice are spending cuts, IMF coming to Ireland


Practice What You Preach

This week we welcomed a new team member to the Cpl Healthcare Nursing Team and all the team were asked to contribute to training our new colleague. It doesn’t feel like that long ago I started my own recruitment journey

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