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3 reasons why you’re not getting...

Whether you are a newly qualified Pharmacy graduate or a more experienced Pharmacist looking to move up the career ladder, looking for a job can cause a great deal of stress. Often, people stay in their jobs due to the


Making the right first impression: Top...

Written by Dave Cullen One of the most common and fundamental mistakes candidates continue to make is not ensuring they have produced a strong CV. For a recruiter, it is naturally a frustration to receive a poorly constructed and error-ridden


Locum Pharmacy & the Protection of...

Locum Pharmacy & the Protection of Employees (Temporary Agency Work) Act 2012     The 16th of May 2012 saw the long awaited arrival of the Temporary Agency Workers Act 2012. An EU directive now transposed into Irish law, following


Preparing for & performing at interview-...

Preparing for and performing at interview. While always present in Hospital Pharmacy, formality has only entered the Retail Pharmacy recruitment process in recent years. The market where jobseekers now find themselves is an entirely changed one. Previously, employers would be


Advertising a Pharmacy opportunity

When you are looking for staff for your Pharmacy, be it a Supervising Pharmacist or a part-time OTC Assistant, the process of writing a job specification is the single most important thing you can do to ensure success. In the world

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