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CVs – A Recruiter’s Guide

I love to receive CVs, which are clear, concise and straight to the point. It’s so important to keep your CV down to one or two pages, and ensure the formatting is consistent and comprehensible. I would recommend that you use either Times New Roman or Arial Font, size 11-12, and tab to space correctly….Never use the spacebar!  Recruiters work very hard to find candidates who fulfil their clients’ exact requirements, so your CV is the most important tool you’ll use in your search for the perfect job.  Do not let it let you down.

If you feel your CV is “average” and you are not getting responses to job applications, please spend some time amending it to make it stronger; you want it to grab a Recruiter’s attention in mere seconds!  Recruiters look for evidence that you match their clients’ selection criteria; provide basic information such as “two year’s experience, a degree in”, for example. Do not risk losing facts in an avalanche of words.

You may ask why use an agency to assist you in your job search or why trust a Recruiter’s advise on CV etiquette, all are reasonable questions.  You should try to understand the employer’s motivation for enlisting the help of an experienced Recruiter – they hope to minimise the number of applications they view, hence saving them time and elevate administrative burden associated with Recruitment. An employer uses agencies to source, screen and shortlist suitable candidates for their jobs. 

My advice to jobseekers working with Recruitment Consultants would be to work with your Recruiter, heed their recommendations and create a good working partnership, which hopefully will result in job offers and new opportunities for you.

I welcome all views on this topic.


Catriona Kelly Bbs, Dip. Marketing, NRF CertRP | Executive Principal | Cpl Healthcare

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