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Easter – A Time of New Beginnings!

There would be something wrong if I didn’t start off this blog by mentioning the extreme changes in weather we’ve experienced in Ireland over the last 2 weeks.  Last week was gloriously sunny, and improved everyone’s moods.  Switch to this beginning of this week and we were thrust violently back into the cold, with snow and sleet falling yesterday – what is wrong with Mother Nature??? 

With the clocks having gone forward an hour meaning we wake up to brighter mornings like today, the season of Spring gives everyone hope, and we all begin looking forward to the Summer approaching.  Easter would be considered the official start of “looking forward” – baby chicks and ducklings, fluffy bunny rabbits, being able to gorge on delicious chocolate eggs without feeling overly guilty,  and the opportunity to spend more time with family and friends due to the long weekend off work, what could be nicer?

This period of the year also is associated with new beginnings – green buds appearing on the trees, shoots pushing their way through previously frozen ground to be warmed by the sun, the birthing of baby lambs, etc.  Here at Cpl Healthcare, we continually see a rise in applications after the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, as people begin thinking about new beginnings in their own lives, and decide they want to pursue alternative employment.

With permanent Nursing opportunities currently across Ireland, the UK and Channel Islands, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Australia, now is the time for you, as a Nurse, to start your new beginnings – don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries you may have re working in the above locations.

Have a “hoppy” Easter! J                         

Annmarie Gallacher NRF CertRP | Principal Team Lead Nursing Division | Cpl Healthcare

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E: annemarie.gallacher@cplhealthcare.com
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