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Having an Online Presence is Essential for Jobseekers


We live in the age of internet and information technology and it seems that a good online presence is imperative to everybody looking for a job, regardless of the sector they wish to work in. Everybody from Java developers to Nurses to College students need to have a good online presence when looking for a job.

Recruiters know that Social Media tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. are quickly becoming as important (if not more important) as job boards or paper adverts for sourcing potential candidates. Without an online presence candidates are automatically putting themselves at the very bottom of the candidate pile.

A presence on LinkedIn is essential to anyone looking for work today. LinkedIn is one of the best online sources to network, locate, and join forces with genuine professionals.

You need to have a LinkedIn profile that looks professional. Make sure you promote yourself positively, write about your skills, qualifications and also previous your work experience. You should join LinkedIn Groups that complement your job search – e.g. a Nursing Professional should join groups like ‘Irish Healthcare Jobs’.

When you are looking for a job you must take into consideration the type of online presence you have on social networks like Facebook or MySpace. If your online presence is mainly a social one that revolves around your personal life with blogs, pictures or videos depicting what you do in your own time with your friends and family, this can work against you when recruiters are sourcing candidates. Keep your private life private! Make sure you have the correct privacy settings on these types of social networking sites.

It’s not a bad idea to Google yourself before an interview so you are aware of what comes up in searches. These days you can guarantee that your interviewer will be doing the same thing, so at least if anything negative arises from the search you can be ready to address it in the interview.

If you are a jobseeker and you have not already got a good online presence I suggest you start with creating a LinkedIn profile and get connecting with people. But if you are already actively online maybe you should look at ways to improve your presence and reach out to more potential employers!


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