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How to identify the Perfect Job

Despite the current economic climate in Ireland, some of Cpl Healthcare’s candidates are lucky enough to receive multiple job offers and then have to make a difficult choice on which to accept. Many of you will be exceptionally jealous I know, so let me clarify that this trend is particularly prevalent where there is a skill shortage in the current labour market. A good example in Ireland today, would be Registered General Nurses with Aged Care experience.

 Strong gerontology candidates may interview well with several facilities and subsequently receive multiple offers, so how do they determine which one to accept?

 Candidates with more than one offer on the table should take their time to carefully evaluate offers received, ensuring they are making an educated decision to accept or to reject the appropriate offer.  

 If you find yourself in this situation, I feel you should take time to reflect upon offers received considering the following aspects for each job offer:

Rate of Pay – Are you happy with the monetary offer, have you researched industry norms, will this income meet your financial needs?

Benefits  –  Are there any perks as an employee of the company that you should factor into your decision making process such as; health insurance, pension contributions, gym membership, education support, canteen, childcare facilities etc

Working Hours – Can you commit to the working schedule indefinitely, if it includes nights and/or weekends will this be an issue?

Location – Ask yourself the following questions; is the journey time feasible on an ongoing basis, what would the road conditions be like in winter? 

Culture – Are you a good fit with the organisation, will you ultimately be happy in your new job? To determine this you must know your own personal values and check that they are in line with the hiring company’s fundamental beliefs?

It’s important to make a pros and cons list, and take time to consider your options.  It’s perfectly acceptable to ask the employer for some time to think it over, just set some perimeter, with your prospective employer and/or recruiter i.e. 3 days or 1 week. 

If you are going through a recruitment agency, this process is simplified a bit. Ask your consultant to provide you with information about the organisations culture. They would have gained a pretty good insight when visiting the facility to take the initial job order and/or from previously placed candidates. You can also ask questions at interview/negotiation stage relating to the work environment such as “describe the management style in place”, “is recognition given for outstanding achievements”, “What are the consequences of not meeting goals” etc.

 I hope this piece has helped you identify your dream job when it comes along.

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Catriona Kelly Bbs, Dip. Marketing, NRF CertRP | Executive Principal | Cpl Healthcare

Ph: +353 91 507510 E: catriona.kelly@cplhealthcare.com  W: www.cplhealthcare.com


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