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How to Prepare for a Skype Nursing Interview

Skype interviews are becoming more and more common place, especially when it comes to international nursing positions. Interviewing on Skype gives you the opportunity to interview for your dream nursing job – without having to travel.

With this comes great accessibility, but also some stress over how to effectively convey your personality and skill set over video.

The following tips will help you get around these worries and ensure you succeed at your next Skype nursing interview.

 1. Prepare the interview setting

First and foremost, make sure you are alone in the room and where possible, lock the door to avoid any disturbances! Your interviewer needs to be able to hear you and see you clearly, so make sure that you login to your Skype account in advance and that you have a good quality Internet connection. Also, be sure to speak up. Even if you have checked that everything is working as it should be, sometimes you cannot avoid outside noise creeping in, so speak loudly and clearly.

2. Dress interview appropriate

You may be interviewing from the comfort of your home, but that doesn’t mean that you can dress that way. Non verbal cues become even more important when you can’t interview face to face, so keep your appearance professional. Dressing this way will also help you switch into professional mode mentally and keep you focused.

3. Don’t assume anything

Give as much detail as possible to showcase your complete knowledge and training. Describe your previous work experience, your internships during university and your post-graduate experience too. Do not assume that the people on the screen know everything about nursing. Show off every aspect of your expertise to the interviewing panel.

4. Do your research

It is easy to talk about the things you know, like nursing! However, the interview panel will want to find out what you know about the hospital and why you want to work there.  Research the hospital’s values, the area that the hospital is based in, what you like and what you are eager to find out more about. This shows how serious you are about  the opportunity. Also, prepare questions for the interviewers, this makes you look more interested.

5. Practice

As awkward, as it may feel speaking to a screen, it’s important that you look as natural as possible. Do practice runs with a friend or your recruiter and record it. This way you can see exactly how you look on video and correct any quirks in advance such as where to best position the camera or what to do with your hands. Also, you can get some useful feedback. All these little things will help you feel more comfortable on the day.


Think you’re now ready for your next skype interview?

Get in touch with me on 00353 1 482 5426 or email your CV in English to maeve.rafter@cplhealthcare.com  I’d be happy to prepare you and get you all set up with one of the many trusts that are hiring.


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