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It’s a Nurses Life! Living and Working in Saudi Arabia

I am currently recruiting nurses from Ireland and the UK for Staff Nurse and Senior Staff Nurse Roles for one of the Middle East’s largest employers of Medical staff. This is a great opportunity to live and work abroad, in some of the most innovative and technologically forward health facilities in the world! However, people seem to be reluctant to take on a new challenge like this, but from the research I have carried out, I have found that Saudi Arabia offers wonderful opportunities to build nursing careers and it also offers an exceptional way of life!

Saudi Arabia is the largest state in Western Asia. It has an estimated population of 27 million, of which 9 million are registered foreign expatriates.

Saudi offers great career progression opportunities. Nurses get international experience and also get to work in some of the worlds most modern and state-of-the-art facilities.

I am specifically working with Saudi Aramco, officially the Saudi Arabian Oil Company. It is a Saudi Arabian national oil and natural gas company based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Aramco’s value has been estimated at up to 10 trillion US$ in the Financial Times, making it the world’s most valuable company. Saudi Aramco Medical Services Organisation is the complex of company-operated and privately contracted hospitals that serve Saudi Aramco employees and their dependents, numbering about 500,000 in total.  There are numerous community clinics designed to take care of ordinary medical needs. More significant health problems are handled at the Dhahran Health Centre by referral from a clinic physician. The Dhahran Health Centre consists of a 483-bed hospital, with an 8-bed intensive care unit, plus various outpatient services. The Dhahran Health Centre is accredited by JCI.

Dhahran is a city located in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, and is a major administrative centre for the Saudi oil industry. Large oil reserves were first identified in the Dhahran area in 1931, and in 1935, Standard Oil drilled the first commercially viable oil well. Standard Oil later established a subsidiary in Saudi Arabia called the Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO), now fully owned by the Saudi government and known as Saudi Aramco. Dhahran has been Saudi Aramco’s headquarters for 80 years and is its first and largest gated compound with over 9,700 residents. The Residential Camp makes up most of the city of Dhahran today.

The benefits of working as a nurse with Saudi Aramco are plentiful;

  • Indefinite term contract – great job security!
  • Yearly Salaries £34K +
  • 30 days annual leave & 10 / 11 public holidays
  • Monthly bonus – 19% annual bonus
  • Yearly salary review
  • 1 return flight yearly
  • Emergency leave of 10 days if required

I am looking for nurses with a minimum of 2.5 years acute experience in the areas of;

  • ER
  • Cardiology
  • CCU
  • Surgery ICU
  • Medical ICU
  • HDU
  • Paeds
  • Ortho

These are excellent opportunities to progress your nursing career! If you would like to get more information about living and working in Saudi Arabia as a nurse, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Niamh Rooney| Recruitment Consultant | Permanent Nursing Team | Cpl Healthcare
niamh.rooney@cplhealthcare.com| Tel +353 91 507516 (Ire) or  +44 2033 686640 (UK)

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