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Cpl Healthcare is recruiting Agency RGNs to work for our client in Cork. Shifts are Days, Nights and Weekends 8-8.


  • To take responsibility on each shifts for the Nursing care of allocated patients. 
  • To wrok within the nursing care team and assist colleagues as necessary in providing patient care.
  • To ensure that a high standard of patient care is maintained at all times.
  • To work as part of the multidisciplinary team.

Duties and Responsibilities

The staff nurse will be responsible for

Promotion Of Evidence Based Decision Making

  • Provide effective and efficient holistic nursing care by:
    • Assessing the physical, psychological, social, spiritual and cultural aspects of the patients needs.
    • To plan and provide care in conjunction with Medical Staff and other disciplines
    • Preparing patients and their families for discharge and liasing with the Bed Manager / Discharge Co-ordinator when necessary.
  • To recognise self-limitations and boundaries within the staff nurse role and request assistance to maintain professional competency.
  • To be accountable for decision making with regard to the patients nursing care and referring appropriately to the CNM II / CNM I, Night Sister / Superintendent, Theatre Manager, Medical Staff or other disciplines.
  • Can break complex problems down into component parts and address these in a systematic fashion.
  • Uses a wide range of information sources and knows how to access relevant information.
  • Demonstrates a sound knowledge of procedures and protocols in operational
  • Uses analysis and logic in considering problems and issues.
  • Promotes and expects evidence based decision making process to be used by all staff.
  • Differentiates the critical features of an issue from the more minor or irrelevant and focuses attention on the essential nub of the problem.
  • To supervise and direct the Health Care Assistant in providing high quality direct and indirect care. (Theatre Porter within the Theatre).


Building and Maintaining Relationships.

  • To approach interpersonal relationships in a manner that promotes a healthy working environment and avoids conflict.
  • Uses diplomacy and tact in fraught situations and can diffuse tense situations comfortably.
  • To follow the appropriate reporting structure of discussing issues first with the CNM I / II
  • Addresses conflict situations positively, showing respect, listening to the involved parties and achieving common ground in most cases.
  • Has strong empathy and puts self into the shoes of the other person.
  • Helpful and offers support and guidance to colleagues on a regular basis.
  • Makes it easy to be approached and talked to; builds rapport and is a patient listener.


Communication and Interpersonal Skills

  • To report verbally and in writing pertinent patient care information to appropriate nursing / medical staff and other clinical staff.
  • To communicate effectively with patients and relatives.
  • To liaise and co-operate with Support Services Manager regarding patients meals, special diets etc.
  • To liaise and co-operate with Support Services Manager in maintaining desirable and required standards of cleanliness.
  • Able to articulate needs of patient and family clearly and passionately. Is a patient advocate.
  • Has strong two-way listening skills; is able to elicit information from others in a non-threatening way and can read between the lines.
  • Able to use body language appropriately, e.g. eye contact, having a strong physical presence.
  • To ensure all documentation relating to patients is accurately maintained in the patient’s medical records in line with policy and procedures and that the patient’s record is stored in a confidential manner
  • To provide education, support and advise to allocated patients and their relatives. to document same.


Service initiation and innovation

  • To provide competent care with minimum supervision.
  • To act as a link nurse or resource for specific areas such as infection control or documentation as delegated.
  • To actively work towards improving individual and hospital processes and practices and to identify areas for quality improvement with regard to gaining JCI accreditation.
  • Brainstorm with team on a regular basis to develop solutions to service issues and problems.
  • Has a flexible approach and welcomes change.
  • Uses patient’s suggestions to look at issues in a fresh way. Tries out new ideas and ways of working.
  • Once appropriate training has been provided, to supervise and direct assigned Student Nurses as well as completing their clinical learning outcomes and competence booklet forms. To effectively communicate issues / concerns with the Clinical Placement Co-ordinator / Link Lecturer as necessary.
  • To take an active interest in orientation / teaching junior colleagues, post graduation students, student nurses, Health Care Assistants and new staff members.
  • To take charge of the department in the absence of the CNM II / CNM I, once orientation has been provided.
  • The Director of Nursing / Deputy reserves the right to re-deploy the staff nurse as appropriate based on service needs


Resilience and Composure.

  • To respond effectively and quickly in an emergency situation
  • Deals with unexpected situations or crisis in a flexible and fluent manner.
  • Puts coherence and a structure on the response to crisis situations; cams down other staff and models a composed response.
  • Maintains an objective and detached stance when dealing with conflict. Does not become defensive or irritated when dealing with conflict or a negative presentation from others.
  • Maintains composure and calm outlook when ones efforts or initiatives are resisted or blocked; takes stock before reacting on an emotional level.
  • Bounces back from setbacks and will persist with efforts even against strong resistance.


Integrity and Ethical Stance

  • To practice within the limits of ones experience and with assistance from other nurses to:
    • Maintain a high standard of nursing care
    • Develop clinical expertise & knowledge
    • Uphold ethical values of the hospital
  • To practice within and support the Bon Secours Mission and Values, policies, procedures, guidelines and new initiative as directed / introduced by the hospital. Also to work within the guidelines of An Bord Altranais.
  • Makes a positive contribution to the development of ethics and values at both professional and organisational levels; ensures that there is an active and ongoing debate in these areas.
  • Is able to treat personally sensitive information with confidentiality; is careful not to speak in an indiscrete or hurtful way about others.


Health and Safety

  • To be aware of Health and Safety issues, to provide and maintain a safe environment for self, colleagues and patients.
  • To ensure all nursing and non-nursing procedures are carried out professionally and safely.
  • To comply with the medication policy and to ensure that regulations for safe keeping and recording of scheduled drugs adhered to.
  • To liaise and co-operate with the Infection Control nurse in the prevention of hospital acquired infection.
  • To advise patients on hospital policy regarding personal belongings.
  • To report adverse occurrences in line with hospital policy (including incident reports, near miss reports, medication error reports).
  • From time to time, to carry out duties when allocated on a equitable and fair basis as the CNM II / CNM I deems appropriate to the post.

Nursing Job Requirements:

  • Recognised third level nursing qualification
  • Full registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland
  • Ability to work on own initiative
  • Excellent communication skills

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