Family Support Worker

Full Time // ClonskeaghSalary: €22000 - €30000 Education:Trade Qualification Experience: None


Family Support Worker

Job Description

Job Title

Family Support Worker (for Children)

Location Dublin

Reporting To Service Co-ordinator or delegated person

Due to the nature of the work applications from Females will only be considered: Due to the personal nature of some of the duties (toileting, washing etc.) involved in the advertised post, and in accordance with the Employment Equality Acts 1998 and 2004, Section 25 (1), Enable Ireland will retain the right to take the gender of candidates into consideration when recruiting for the above position. Overall Purpose of the Post: Enable Ireland North East provides a Home Support Service to service users with a disability and to their families. The service is based on partnership, dignity and respect. The Family Support Worker will be responsible for the safety and welfare of children in their care. The Family Support worker will be expected to display appropriate sensitivity while working closely with families. The service provided is flexible so the Family Support worker may be required to work mornings, afternoons, evenings and/or weekends and occasional sleepovers. Job Summary: The role of family support worker will be to facilitate the child with a disability and their family, including siblings, in all aspects of daily living including assisting with personal and domestic care needs, mobility, accessing services in their community, and support with therapy programmes. The role of the family support worker is tailored to the requirements of the individual service user and their family and as such will vary from person to person. Essential Characteristics: Candidates must demonstrate a keen interest in working within a caring environment. They must have excellent communication skills, and an ability to demonstrate understanding and empathy to the recipient of the service. They should have good organisational skills, and be prepared to work on their own initiative as well as part of a team. Candidates must be committed to the provision of a quality service, which upholds the rights, privacy and dignity of the service user and their family. Key Working Relationships Enable Ireland delivers services using the Social Model of Disabilities. Enable Ireland has a wide range of stakeholders with whom strong professional relationships need to be forged and fostered on an ongoing basis. These stakeholders include families and carers, colleagues in HSE and other agencies. Enable Ireland works in partnership with the Health Service Executive.

Key Responsibilities:

 To observe and maintain a code of confidentiality and discretion in all dealings with service users, their families and with staff.

 To always preserve the professional nature of the relationship with clients.

 To promote and safeguard the well-being and interests of the service user and their family at all times.

 To undertake only such duties delegated and/or allocated to you by the Service Co-ordinator.

 To perform all duties and tasks in line with Enable Ireland guidelines and policies, and training given.

 To immediately report any accidents or incidents/dangerous occurrences immediately to the Service Co-ordinator.

 To remain with your client for the duration of the allocated duty.

 To report to the Service Co-ordinator when your client is away from their home e.g. on respite, hospital, holidays etc.

 To ensure that professional work is in accordance with good practice and is of high quality and standard and adheres to Enable Ireland’s approved policy and procedures.

 Facilitating service user and/or siblings with involvement in their local communities.

 Accompanying service user and/or their siblings on outings/leisure activities within their own neighbourhood or within the wider community.

 Providing the parent/carer with time out from the home to pursue his/her own needs or to spend time with other family members.

 Providing assistance to the service user and/or their siblings in areas of personal care as required.

 Keeping up to date records of all interventions with children and families.

 Any other duties which may be assigned from time to time.

Key Duties Personal Care, including:

1. To assist with bathing/showering and other personal hygiene needs.

2. To assist with dressing and undressing.

3. To assist the service users with their toileting needs including incontinence.

4. To assist the service users to get in/out of bed, or with turning and repositioning service users confined to bed.

5. To assist service users with mobility/exercise as instructed/trained.

6. To observe dietary requirements of individual service users and/or their siblings as delegated.

Practical Care

1. To be involved in the preparation and serving of meals as delegated including assisting the service user to maximise their independence.

2. To obtain grocery shopping if delegated to do so

3. To ensure the laundry needs are met, including washing and ironing if requested to do so.

4. To ensure bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living quarters are clean and tidy.

5. To assist with homework and after school activities.

6. Assist with regular swimming sessions.

7. Food preparation and feeding. This job description is not intended to be rigid and inflexible and employees may be required to undertake other duties from time to time in keeping with their role. This job description is subject to periodic review in line with developing service needs.


In the course of your employment you may have access to, or hear, information concerning the medical or personal affairs of service users and/or staff, or other Enable Ireland business. Such information is strictly confidential. On no account must such information be divulged or discussed except in the performance of normal duty, or unless acting on the instructions of an authorised manager. Records must never be left in such a manner that unauthorised persons can obtain access to them and must be left in safe custody when no longer required. Hours of Work: Candidates will be required to be reliable and flexible regarding their hours of work and duties assigned. Service needs may require travel, therefore the ability to travel and the possession of a current full driving licence is desirable.

Please note the following General Conditions:

 The person in this post will be expected to honour and respect the diverse requirements of both individuals and groups using the service.

 The post holder will be expected to work as part of a team within the service and will be reliable and professional in their work.

 The post holder will be required to be flexible in relation to the working arrangements, duties and location. They will be expected to work anti-social hours.

 The post holder should note that under Health and Safety legislation you are required to take all reasonable steps while at work to ensure your own health and safety and that of your service user. You are also required to co-operate fully with health and safety regulations, and Enable Ireland health and safety policies.

 The post holder will be expected to attend all mandated training relevant to the position, e.g. manual handling and first aid, and to attend team meetings.

 Employees must attend fire lectures periodically.

 The post holder should dress appropriately to enable you to undertake your duties, taking into account the need for your own safety and comfort, and maintaining respect for your service user.

 In line with the Tobacco Control Regulations 2004, smoking is not permitted in the workplace.

 Staff may be asked to drive the private vehicles of service users. This can be agreed only with the prior authorisation of the Service Co-ordinator and where sanctioned in advance by Enable Ireland Insurers.

 Staff private vehicles must not be used to transport service users during working hours except with the prior authorisation of the Service Co-ordinator together with evidence of insurance indemnification to Enable Ireland.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Responsible to: Service Co-ordinator or delegated person Probation: There is a probationary period of six months Salary:

Location: Dublin Hours: Full Time and part-time hours available – may vary in accordance with requirements

Sick Pay: There are no sick pay entitlements.

Pension: There is no pension scheme attached to this position; however Enable Ireland will be in a position to make deductions at source on a Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA), without contribution from the employer.

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€22000 - €30000
Employment type:
Full Time;
Education level:
Trade Qualification
Childcare,Health Care Assistant,South Dublin

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