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Interviews 15th & 17th August in Dublin 

Role Summary

The post of Healthcare Assistant is assist nursing staff in providing a high standard of nursing care, ensuring that patients’ needs and safety are addressed at all times, and perform amongst others the duties of which this list is not exhaustive, are set out hereunder.

Job Purpose

Principal Tasks & Accountability

Underpinning all of the following is the requirement that the following tasks are conducted and completed in an effective and proficient manner that protects the dignity of each patient/resident and support the philosophy, objectives and goals of Bloomfield Health Services at all times.

It is the fundamental responsibility of each Healthcare Assistant that s/he attends the handover at the start of each of their shifts. Each Healthcare Assistant is for ensuring that s/he has informed themselves of the individual needs of a patient/resident. By being so informed, the Healthcare Assistant will be in a position to be effective and proficient.

Direct Patient Care

 Wash patients in bed shower or bath as required.

 Making beds.

 Help patients/residents to dress. Lift, move, turn, re-position patients, using the appropriate equipment at all times.

 Care of incontinent, colostomy and ileostomy patients. Supervise incontinent, colostomy and ileostomy patients in toilets, on commodes and in bathrooms and assist with appropriate hygiene and incontinence wear. Give and remove bedpans, urinals and commodes as required.

 Record and monitor bowel function, measuring urinary output, output from IDC and urostomy. Notify nursing staff throughout shift.

 Understand, assist and promote patients’ oral hygiene including denture care. Care for patients’ hair and nails as required. Shave male patients.

 Mobilise and help patients to exercise as required.

 Ensure the comfort and safety of patients are met as per local policy.

 Assist patients/residents as per care plan with nutritional intake and record keeping of same.

 Assist nurses with procedures when necessary. Weigh patients using appropriate equipment specific to the patient’s/resident’s needs. Record, inform and report to nursing staff.

 Give and remove emesis containers and sputum cartons.

 Understand the basics of skin integrity and promote and maintain same through positive interventions. Maintain active communication with nursing staff. Assist the nursing staff with pressure sore prevention and care.

 Escort patients as directed within and outside Bloomfield Health Services.

 Assist as requested with last offices.

 Report to nursing staff: any requests from patients or relatives, any complaints of pain, signs of distress observed or expressed by patient, any falls, incidents, or near-misses

 Deal with emergency situations by summoning professional help immediately.

 Co-operate with the chaplains/representatives of all denominations as requested.

 Answer telephone calls and locate appropriate person. Transfer telephone calls to patient as required. Assist patients to make telephone calls as requested.

Duties Associated With Health & Safety & Good Housekeeping

 Understand and implement correct procedures for laundry as per procedures outlined at induction/training.

 Remove soiled linen from ward and leave for collection.

 Keep sluice room clean at all times. Wash commodes, bed pans and urinals using machine provided.

 Wash individual patient wash basins, dry and store at patients bedside in designated areas. Maintain patient’s room in a tidy manner.

 Ensure each patient/resident has appropriate personal care items in their room or as required e.g. incontinence wear, wipes etc.

 Assist in checking and recording of patient’s property on admission, discharge or following death.

 Ensure that bath/shower is cleaned after each use, also WC if necessary. Clean ward equipment immediately following use. Deal with all spillages immediately.

 Observe Bloomfield’s policy regarding prevention and control of infection i.e. hand washing, use of gloves and aprons where appropriate.


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