PIC / Clinical Nurse Manager – 2 Dublin

Full Time // AnywhereSalary: €48089 - €56852



  • Be proactive in promoting & ensuring that the Ethos, Mission, Vision and core values
  • Ensure that personnel within their designated area of responsibility work in accordance with the policy and ethos 
  • Ensure that all nursing staff adhere to professional code of conduct and operate within the scope of practice
  • Ensure that any concerns for the safety and welfare of clients are reported in a timely manner
  • Ensure a holistic Model of Care for Service Users which is consistent with a Person Centred approach
  • Be familiar with all Policies and Procedures, particularly those pertaining to client safety and welfare



The CNM2 is responsible and accountable for the provision of clinical and professional leadership, nursing management and continuous professional development in area of responsibility



  1. 1.                   Leadership & Accountability
  • Is responsible for leading and managing interdisciplinary care for service usersin area of responsibility
  • Ensure that staff are empowered through coaching, education, supervision.
  • Lead the nursing and allied team through regular team meetings.
  • Enable staff to identify and suggest improvement initiatives.
  • Ensures high standards of care in the daily running of services within designated area.
  • Use a consultative approach and demonstrates an approachable management style.
  • Ensure that all staff within area of responsibility practice within their professional scope of practice. 
  1. 2.                   Professional & Clinical Responsibility
  • Ensure that service users receive the highest standard of clinical/holistic care
  • Maintain and promote a high standard of work performance, attendance, appearance and punctuality
  • Ensure that Service each person with an Intellectual Disability is treated with the utmost respect and dignity at all times
  • Ensure the highest standards of confidentiality are maintained at all times

……………../ CNM2

  • Ensure that service policies and procedures are implemented and monitored within area of responsibility
  • Develop and ensures interdisciplinary networking with families is a high quality effective system for service delivery
  • Monitor and evaluates support services relevant to the area of responsibility
  • Ensure practices in the workplace comply with relevant legislation
  • Uphold the code of professional conduct in practice
  • Make evidence based decisions in a transparent manner by involving and empowering others
  • Embrace advocacy in the delivery of person centered care
  • Provides personal and professional development programme for all staff working within the designated area of responsibility.
  • Ensure that complaints received are dealt with in accordance with service policy
  1. 3.                   Planning
  • Prioritise and responds to demands under pressure or in emergencies
  • Ensure a system of record keeping and reports for operational activities, planning of meetings, case conferences and other events is maintained
  • Within area of responsibility plan short, medium and long term goals to achieve desired outcomes. 
  • In conjunction with Line Manager plan and implement appropriate skill mix
  1. 4.                   Human Resources


  • Work with the Line Manager in developing strategies for staff retention.
  • Participate as required on the recruitment of staff for area of responsibility.
  • Foster an environment that supports and encourages personal professional development and learning.
  • Contribute to the development of an organisational culture conducive to the establishment and maintenance of good staff morale.
  • Ensure all new staff within designated area of responsibility receive adequate induction programme, have a clear understanding of their duties, responsibilities and the standards of performance expected of them at all times.
  • Ensure that all staff are kept appraised of centre and organisational policies and procedures.
  • Create an environment which is conducive to team working.
  • Assist the Senior Nursing Manager in the initialisation of grievances and disciplinary procedures in accordance with Service policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that all human resources are utilised in a cost effective manner.
  • Manage and monitors levels of absenteeism taking corrective action where necessary.
  • In collaboration with other disciplines promote good employee relations in accordance with personnel policies.





………………/ CNM2

  1. 5.                   Management and Staff Development (incl. Teambuilding, Communication and Deputising)
  • Is committed to and promotes continuous professional development to ensure best practice
  • In conjunction with Clinical Placement Co-ordinator, supervise, guide and assess the professional work of student nurses
  • Ensure the efficient and effective allocation and coordination of resources to achieve tasks within area of responsibility
  • Ensure scheduling of rosters is completed out in a timely and fair manner which reflects service needs
  • Ensure that Health and Safety practices are implemented in accordance with the Safety Statement of the service.
  • Conduct regular hazard identification audits and ensure that appropriate action is taken.
  • Ensure that all personnel are familiar with emergency and other operational procedures and regulations. 
  • Conducts Performance Management Reviews for staff within area of responsibility participate in the performance management programme
  • Intervenes decisively where standards of behaviour, performance or attitude contravenes service policy and procedure and informs appropriate personnel.
  1. 6.                   Finance
  • Ensure the efficient and effective use of resources allocated to designated area
  • Ensure staff evaluate supplies and equipment purchased.
  • Plan and track budget variances in area of responsibility
  • Assures that service users monies are accounted for in accordance with service policy
  1. 7.                   Quality, Education and Research (Incl. Professional Development)
  • Monitor and works to improve the team processes, encourages team review and reflection
  • Actively leads and supports the process of person centred planning within area of responsibility.
  • Monitor and evaluates methods of quality assurance and clinical effectiveness and contribute to the development of quality methodologies.
  • Identify education and development needs of staff in designated area
  • Participate in continuous professional development
  • Assure that clinical practice in area of responsibility is evidence based.
  1. 8.                   General Duties
  • Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.



  • Must be registered RNID with the NMBI
  • 5years RNID experience
  • Must have recognised post graduate management course


39 hour week shift work

Pensionable salary

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€48089 - €56852
Employment type:
Full Time;
Clinical Nurse Manager,Clinical Nurse Manager 2,PIC

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