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Mental Health Service Ireland – Recruiting Doctors

At the moment I am focusing on recruiting Doctors for the Mental Health Services. There is quite a shortage of Psychiatric Doctors in Ireland.  The Mental Health Act (2001) encouraged growth in the services available. Unfortunately, the number of Doctors moving into this discipline did not correspond and so we are left with a bit of a shortage. Personally, I think working in Mental Health in Ireland is a great opportunity for overseas Doctors. Mental Health is the one sector where culture and surroundings have a big impact on the service users. Doctors from different countries would have a different perspective to bring with them and would learn a lot about Ireland and its health service while they were here. The majority of positions are at Non-Consultant Hospital Doctor Level – so Senior House Officer, Registrar or Senior Registrar. There is also a larger number of positions in Child & Adolescent Mental Health and Doctors with a background in Paediatrics are often considered along with Doctors with a background in psychiatry.

I’m interested to hear from any Psychiatric Doctors out there with their recommendations on what countries to source suitable Doctors from. So today’s mission is to make a different to Ireland’s Mental Health Services!

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