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My First Week as a Nursing Recruitment Consultant!

First of all I’d like to thank all my colleagues at Cpl Healthcare for making me feel so welcome in my first week especially all the girls on the Nursing team!

My first day was a little daunting, as there was a lot of new information to absorb in relation to Nursing Recruitment. But I soon settled in and within a day I felt very much part of my team!

I love the atmosphere in the office; it is a professional yet sociable office with a competitive edge that makes it a fun place to work.

I have spent the first week learning all about how Cpl Healthcare operates, the stages involved in the Nursing Recruitment cycle and also learning about nursing and the different types of nursing roles.

I am looking forward to my future with Cpl Heathcare. I am excited about the variety each day will bring and the interactions I will have with different people from all sectors of nursing.

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