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Portuguese Nurses

Like many of you, I am sure you are dismayed at the poor state of the global economy and mass job shortages.  As a nurse I have always felt that my qualifiaction is as valuable as my passport as our skills open us to a world of employment opportunities. Never has this been more evident than in recent months with a massive shortage of  specialist aged care, cardiology, surgical and mental health nurses in Ireland, the UK and the Channel Islands.
While our skills are in high demand, we as a profession are not without our challenges and have been forced to look further afield than our own countries for work. It is a daunting prospect but one we should not be fearful of. Having recently relocated to London from the comfort of my home town in Dublin I can appreciate people being reluctant to move. While you would be leaving the comfort of home you would also be embarking on a new career with massive opportunities and opening yourself up to new experiences. At Cpl Healthcare we specialise in nurse recruitment and can provide advice and support about relocating and pointing you in the right direction. 

There are great jobs out there waiting for you!


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