Payroll Information

If you have any Payroll related questions, please send us an e-mail to ensuring that you include a detailed message and your Cpl Healthcare Payroll ID number. We guarantee a reply within 24 hours.

Before you contact our Payroll Department please read our helpful frequently asked questions below.


  • All agency workers must use their personalised QR Timesheet
  • If you have not received a personalised QR Timesheet please contact the Agency on 0818 365 100
  • The cut-off for receipt of timesheets is 10pm every Friday
  • All Timesheets must be legible and completed in full
  • Timesheets are to be sent to ( in PDF and TIFF format only)
  • Pay Day is every Friday
  • Payslips are sent via e-mail
  • You will receive your payslip PIN in a separate e-mail prior to receipt of your first payslip
  • Timesheets must be submitted to Cpl Healthcare within 3 weeks of working the shift
  • When working with Homecare clients, a separate Timesheet is needed for each client
  • If you would like your increment reviewed, please contact
  • All agency workers must inform Cpl Healthcare of their bookings prior to working the shifts

Failure to adhere to Cpl Healthcare’s terms of conditions of agency work, will result in late or non-payment.

A payroll helpline will be held for urgent telephone queries only, on 0818 365 102 during the following clinic times:

  • Monday     9am – 10am  (not including bank holidays)
  • Thursday   9am – 10am
  • Friday        9am – 12pm

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