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Your life is busy, and sometimes a full time job doesn’t offer the flexibility your lifestyle needs. Registering for ad hoc/agency work allows you to adapt your career around your life.

When you register with us, you choose what hours you work, when you are available, and where you want to work. You put your life first and we offer agency work and flexible contracts with the shifts and hours you want.


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Why join Cpl Healthcare Agency

Registering with Cpl Healthcare Agency offers the opportunity to work in some of Ireland’s largest Hospitals in a way that suits your lifestyle. We also run training courses for our Healthcare Professionals so you can maintain your compliance and keep your skills sharp. We manage your shifts, liaise with the hospitals, and manage all of the admin – all you have to do us let us know when you’re available to work.

  • Choose from a variety of facilities
  • Work “Where” and “When” you want
  • Training programmes to ensure you stay in compliance
  • Get the work that suits you:
    • Hospital/Clinical settings
    • Specialist Care (ITU, CCU, Casualty, Midwifery, Paediatric, Neuroscience Nursing, Renal Dialysis etc.)
    • Care of the elderly
    • Homecare work
    • Community care
    • Escort work
    • Medical sales and advisory roles

T: 0818 365 100


Cpl Healthcare, Dublin office,
Percy Place, Dublin

A flexible temporary workforce

At Cpl Healthcare we are the experts in finding the right healthcare professionals to fill your temporary jobs.

Not only have we a strong database of flexible healthcare staff, we also provide professionals that are highly credentialed and skilled in their speciality. All our staff come ready to work.
We have one of the largest resource pools of Registered Nurses, Allied Health professionals, and Healthcare Assistants in the industry. In addition, the flexibility of adding non-permanent, long-term supplemental staff delivers cost-effective results and a continuum of patient care that is stable and at a high level that you expect.

If you are looking for staff please give us a call to let us know your needs.

Our Leadership Team

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Manager - Allied Health

Daryl Buggle


Manager - Social Care

Keelin Moore


Nursing Recruitment Manager

Annmarie Gallacher


Nursing Recruitment Manager

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