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10 Great Reasons to come and Work in Ireland


I am currently working with Cpl Healthcare’s Nursing Team recruiting qualified EU Nurses for Gerontology Nursing Roles in Ireland, so I tried to put myself in the position of the potential candidates and I thought to myself….‘Why is Ireland a good place to work?’



When I sat down and thought about it, I realised how much Ireland really has to offer people looking to travel from their own countries for work, adventure and to gain new experiences!

So here are 10 Great Reasons to come and work in Ireland:

1)      Having experience working outside your own country is invaluable for future employment. A good reference from a highly regarded Irish company instantly makes you more attractive to prospective employers.


2)      Ireland, like every country has been caught up in the global economic downturn, but this can have its advantages, the cost of living in Ireland is going down, particularly when it comes to rent and accommodation.




3)      Ireland is a safe county to live in, it ranked 11th in the 2011 Global Peace Index for safest countries in the world to live in.



Ireland prides itself on being a multicultural country. The number of foreign nationals living in Ireland increased by 25% to 766,770 in the period 2006-2011. Foreign nationals are considered valued contributors to the development of Ireland and its exciting new culture.



Ireland has a reputation for its friendliness and welcoming atmosphere. In a 2010 article published in travel publishers, Lonely Planet, Ireland was named the friendliest country in the world.



Ireland is a modern economy with an extensively developed democracy within the EU.

7)      In Ireland, you are surrounded by beautiful landscape. You can hike, surf, climb, walk, cycle or just relax and take in all the stunning views this country has to offer. There really is something for everyone here.

8)      The education system in Ireland is highly regarded on an international level. The opportunities are endless with regards to furthering your own education and developing your skills and knowledge base in any of our outstanding learning facilities.

9)      Ireland is an energetic, spirited, contemporary country with a youthful population and a thriving economy.

10)  Ireland is easily accessible from Europe with reasonable priced air travel and a wide range of airports throughout the country including Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Knock and Shannon. There are also excellent public transport and taxi services all over Ireland.


So if you would like to come to Ireland and take advantage of the great nursing opportunities we have available Cpl Healthcare will provide you with honest advice on the availability of positions which would best suit your skills mix and qualifications. We will also provide advice on career progression and, if required, support you through the registration and relocation process.


For more information contact me on:

Niamh Rooney | Nursing Recruitment Consultant | Cpl Healthcare

niamh.rooney@cplhealthcare.com| Phone +353 91 507516  or  +35314825350 |


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