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Agency Nursing: Why now?

Well here we are again at the start of a New Year bringing with it the prospect of new beginnings and endless possibilities for the year ahead. Many people use this time to start fresh and turn over a new leaf in many aspects of their life. I’m sure many of you (myself included) have a long list of New Year’s resolutions such as eat healthier or travel to a desired dream destination! If you have also penned ‘career change’ on this list and you are working in the Healthcare Industry, agency work might be the perfect direction for your next career move.

Agency work has a number of benefits, especially if you are embarking on a new career path.

Why Agency Nursing?



You decide when you are available to work as well as the times when you work e.g.  nights, full days or short days. This is particularly useful when you are a working parent or looking to wind down in your career, as you are no longer chained to a strict timetable. You’re in control.


You get to pick exactly where you want to work. It is your prerogative if you don’t want to go to a particular facility type or location, based on your preferences.  For example, if you want to cut your commute, you can choose to only work in facilities in your area.


As you can decide to work in many different sites, valuable experience can be gained in different settings such as Intellectual Disability, Care of the Elderly and Psychiatric as well as Acute. This range of experience is something that you wouldn’t get if you were limited to one hospital or care facility.

Plenty of Opportunities

As a result of the HSE Contract implemented from the 1st of September 2017, Cpl Healthcare are now supplying to all Hospitals in the HSE regardless of location or category of staff. This means that anyone who wishes to work with Cpl Healthcare in any location in Ireland can do so.

There is currently a huge demand for all Agency Nursing disciplines in sites across Ireland. Some of the ‘hotspots’ for opportunities we have available at the moment include;

  • General Nursing– Dublin, Portlaoise, Waterford, Tipperary, Cork, Kerry
  • Psychiatric Nursing– Waterford and Tipperary
  • Midwifery- South Dublin and Cork
  • Children’s Nursing– North Dublin
  • Homecare Cases– Nationwide
  • Community Nursing -Dublin and Nationwide

If you are interested in Agency work and the area or location of your interest is not listed above, please contact our Recruitment Team who will be able to discuss the numerous other opportunities and locations available.

To start your journey with Cpl Healthcare and tick one resolution off your list for 2018, contact our dedicated team of recruiters now on 014825444 or via email at recruitment@cplhealthcare.com

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your goals for 2018.

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