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Pharmacy CV Preparation

In the halcyon days of Pharmacy recruitment where much was done through word of mouth, a formal interview was a rarity, with a request for a CV pushing some Pharmacists into unchartered territory and seen almost as an affront by others. The legacy of that time is born on the pages of the CV’s that we in Cpl Healthcare receive from Pharmacists on a daily basis.  Today in an utterly changed market, and industry, a professionally prepared CV is imperative if you want to get ahead of your competitors.

The top 5 mistakes we see on Pharmacy CV’s are:

  1. 1. Lack of information – no outline of duties and responsibilities
  2. 2. No focus on achievements & unique selling points
  3. 3. Poor grammar and spelling
  4. 4. Poor structure and layout.
  5. 5. Unexplained gaps

Below are some hints and tips that will hopefully assist you to put together a document that reflects you as a Pharmacy professional, and creates the correct first impression.

Key Points:

  • CONTENT- use words carefully- stick to concise, clean and simple.

  • Prepare a CV continually keeping the reader in mind- what information will they need to see?

  • Limit the CV to 2 pages, 3 pages only if you are at a particularly senior stage in your career.

  • Presentation of the document is a reflection of you- a shabby and unprofessional document will give that first impression.

To start off the process:

Conduct a self evaluation- skills, qualifications, work history and achievements in the past.

Take the job description and use this to highlight the areas where you are strong- this is essentially how an employer will match your suitability to the job so help them to do so. If there is no job description, call and ask for more information.


Personal Information: Name, address, contact information.

Personal Profile: This should be 5-7 high impact statements that describe you. Be bold, positive and confident when you write these. This should appear on the sweet spot- the middle to top of the first page. This is a great space to tailor- gear your points towards the job, why you would be suitable, why you are interested etc.

Education: If you are applying for your first post-qualification job it will be necessary to include details of education; if you are experienced it is not necessary to provide as much.

Experience: Tailor these for the reader and the job- ensure you are suitable for the job you are applying for. Statements should be active- what you did.

Achievements:  Should be tied to the job using facts- if they are not going to pack a punch then it’s probably best not to include.

Hobbies & Interests: Areas of research you are keen on, sports you are interested in etc.      


Ensure the CV is easy on the eye- sufficient white space to give the eye a rest when reading, clear headings and consistency of font and structure throughout. The use of bullet points when detailing information can make it easier for the employer to extract the information they need.  You have 20-30 seconds for a person to read and absorb the key points!

And Finally:

Seek feedback from recruiters experienced in the Pharmacy Industry. By virtue of the fact that they are speaking with both your competitors, and your potential employers daily; they are best placed to offer you industry relevant advice that will help you to stand out from the competition.

You never get a second chance to make that first impression so make sure your CV doesn’t let you down.

Should you have any queries/ comments please call Siobhan Ryan (Cpl Health

care- Pharmacy) on 061-208648 or e-mail siobhananne.ryan@cplhealthcare.com

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