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Practice What You Preach

This week we welcomed a new team member to the Cpl Healthcare Nursing Team and all the team were asked to contribute to training our new colleague. It doesn’t feel like that long ago I started my own recruitment journey and sat on the edge of my seat taking in every word my mentor said. Now it’s my turn to be the mentor and I realised that this trainee would take everything I said as gospel and it got me thinking about the knowledge I had actually built up in my year and a half in the role and how I was going to help this trainee make a good go of this job!

 Given the task to impart my knowledge of recruitment and the industry I work in has made me think more about my job. Recruitment is all about managing your desk, being organised, good time management, sourcing candidates, marketing and building a name for yourself in this industry. As I start telling our new Trainee Recruiter how best to develop and manage her desk I started to ask, ‘how well am I actually working, and am I practicing what I preach’?

In recruitment it is so easy to get caught up on a particular task, be it a project, sourcing for a particular role or even getting bogged down with administration. Soon you realise you are ignoring other important parts of your job. Am I managing my time as I have suggested in my training? How high is my activity, how many calls am I making to clients and candidates, am I doing enough business development and getting new jobs on, am I maintaining a good presence on social media? The thing is we all know how to run a good desk but do we always do it? By showing my new colleague how to run her desk it has really opened my eyes, maybe I am not running my desk as best as I could. I recommend all Recruitment Consultants take the time to review this; it’s amazing how you can pick up bad habits or even get stuck in your ways over the years. With a new Trainee on board it’s a good time to make some changes and practice what you preach, it may even help make your desk more successful and inevitably make your more money.

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