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Sourcing – Where to find Good Candidates?

I am half way through my first month as a Nursing Recruitment Consultant and I’ve noticed the most common word floating around the office is “Sourcing” and it doesn’t always have a joyous tone!

I received training on Sourcing this week, how to source, where to source, when to source and to say I was overwhelmed with the vastness of sourcing would be an understatement! So where does a recruiter start?

I have found from listening to my colleagues that some nursing positions are very hard to fill, and I am sure the same can be said for positions in every sector. You could put an ad up on a jobs board for a Clinical Nurse Manager, get swamped with applicants CVs and none of them are right for the job…..do you give up or have you other options?

There are so many ways to source candidates these days, Internet search engines, job boards, CV databases, social media and social networking. So where do you start?

Firstly you need to develop a personal brand. Showing that you have skills and experience as a recruiter and that you have excellent knowledge of your sector is essential. Potential candidates will take you more seriously and you are then more likely to have productive conversations with people when sourcing.

Secondly, you must embrace social media. Make sure you are constantly up-to-date with all the new forms of social networking.  These days’ recruiters should have Facebook and Twitter accounts dedicated solely to recruiting, a linkedin profile and a Blogging account as standard.  By linking with people on all these different social networking sites you will generate connections with numerous quality candidates to whom you would never have had the time to contact individually.

Finally, it’s good to keep on top of the fundamentals too. Make sure you always return your candidates calls and emails and know where to look for candidates specific to the role you are trying to fill. Before you know it good talent will start to find you!


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