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Advertising a Pharmacy opportunity

When you are looking for staff for your Pharmacy, be it a Supervising Pharmacist or a part-time OTC Assistant, the process of writing a job specification is the single most important thing you can do to ensure success. In the world of Pharmacy advertising is commonly very minimalist, giving very basic information such as “Pharmacist req’d in Dublin. Call X on 087-1234567”

Your advert needs to attract interest, communicate clearly the essential points and provide a clear outline of the process; enabling job seekers to decide whether they are a possible match for the role.

Information to include:

Job title, employer & description of business, location of job, outline of the job role and purpose, job responsibility, outline of ideal candidate profile – qualifications & experience required, salary details, application instructions & contact details.


·         If the organization is well known then show the company information prominently

·         Use language that your reader would use

·         Give text some space, thus attracting the eye and ensuring you write efficiently

·         Use short sentences and/or bullet points

·         Get the reader involved. Refer to the reader as ‘you’ and use the second person; this helps people to picture themselves in the role, involving them

·         Stress what is unique- if a person is reading your advert they are already looking for a change and you need to highlight your job’s USP’s (Unique Selling Points): if the working hours are Monday to Friday, if the store has been recently refurbished or if the position offers career development etc.

·         Ensure the correct contact information is listed- include both an email address and phone number facilitating applicants who wish to ask questions

·         Assume the job will evolve over time and add a statement such as “and related tasks as needed as they arise”

·         Be specific; this will allow jobseekers to identify exactly what the job entails and decide if they are a match

By creating a complete job specification you identify exactly the job you have and the person you need to do it, allowing you to both recruit and retain staff for your Pharmacy successfully.

Should you have any comments/queries please contact Siobhan Ryan by e-mail: siobhananne.ryan@cplhealthcare.com or call 061-208648.

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