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Are you a nurse or midwife thinking of coming home?

It wasn’t easy leaving home but it can also be hard to make the decision to come home. I myself left Ireland twice for nursing opportunities abroad. Coming home will always be in the back of your mind but, like myself, most of you probably left due to limited opportunities in Ireland. The good news is, this has completely changed over the past couple of years.

Home was always my end goal and my reason for actually returning home came in the form of further education opportunities. Whatever the reason, if you’re considering a move home, there are plenty of reasons why now is the right time!

Why now?

  • Most hospitals now offer relocation allowances for nurses and midwives, which makes moving home more financially manageable. Relocating and the associated costs can be an expensive business, meaning that a helping hand can make it more appealing!
  • We NEED you! You left and brought your expertise with you, now you can bring the knowledge you gained abroad back to us. Come home and implement change in Irish hospitals. Large-scale recruitment drives have been taking place over the last couple of years and nursing jobs and midwifery jobs are in demand across a variety of settings.
  • More specialist nursing and midwifery roles are continually being created across various settings, offering opportunities for you to become an expert in your field of interest. Currently we have vacancies for General Nurses, Children’s Nurses, Intellectual Disability Nurses and Psychiatric Nurses.
  • Skype is now regularly used for interviews by many employers so you may not even have to travel home to interview, making applying for jobs in Ireland a lot less hassle and a lots more feasible.
  • I hate to mention the ‘P’ word as you may be a long way off retirement but unfortunately, ‘pensions’ are something we all need to consider! If you are hoping for your full Irish pension, you need to start your contributions early on!
  • Increments! You may have been out of the Irish health care service for some time but your experience nursing abroad is counted towards your incremental scale, even agency work, as long as you can provide verifications of service from your employers. Your increments go up annually and the current HSE Salary scale can be viewed here.
  • No more care packages of Barry’s tea, Tayto or Penney’s socks. You will have all your Irish favourites right at your door step!

How easy is it?

To make the process as simple as possible, here are a few points to consider when relocating;

  • Do you need to register/reactivate your NMBI? This can take time, so the sooner you start the process the better!
  • Where in the country do you want to work? Where are the opportunities? What position do you want? You can join our nursing agency and work where you want, when you want. You will be paid as per HSE salary scales, and yes your experience is recognised!
  • When are you hoping to relocate home? Think about the notice period to your current employer, time to relocate, find accommodation etc. Try to factor this in when interviewing to let your prospective employer know a realistic time frame for starting, this will also reduce the stress in relocating!
  • Be sure your CV is up to date and includes any Nurse work experience you have received abroad. Experience in a different environment and even more in a different language setting will give you an advantage in interview.

If you are thinking about returning home and want to find out about what opportunities are out there, contact myself at amy.lynch@cplhealthcare.com or call +35314825429. Just think… no more Kerry Gold Butter and Denny’s sausages getting seized at the border!

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