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Nurse Registration Process

Nursing has never been more global with more opportunities to travel to far flung tropical destinations.  

Alas to get to where you want to go you must first brace yourself for the task that is ‘ The Registration Process’.  Be it your NMC registration or your An Bord Altranais registration, this can be an arduous task as you firstly attempt to understand the application pack, which at times can resemble the assembly instructions of a flat pack wardrobe! Once you have managed to decode said application pack, you can then embark on the road to data collection, or otherwise known as all the documents and certificates you forgot to keep from childhood! Fear not, this journey need not be so perilous, help is at hand! Cpl Healthcare have expert knowledge in the registration process. Once  you know what you are doing you can avoid all the pitfalls that delay you starting the next phase of your nursing career. We can help make this an effortless process so you can focus on the career awaiting and the world of opportunities.  

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