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Nursing In Cork

It is so refreshing to be the bearer of good tidings!

Over the past few years the headlines relating to nurses have been dominated with recession buzz words, such as ‘budget cuts’ ‘austerity measures’ ‘cut backs ‘and the most damning of all ‘Job Loses’.

With these phrases in mind it gives me great pleasure to buck the trend and replace these with

 ‘Career Opportunities’ ‘Job Creation’ ‘Career Advancement’ ‘Investment’ 

  ‘Permanent Nursing Jobs’

Cpl Healthcare is working with a leading nursing home just outside Cork City, who is looking for nurses for ‘Permanent Nursing Jobs’. Just look around you and you can see that we have a growing ageing population. This has not gone unnoticed by those passionate about ‘Investment’ in Aged Care. Have you ever stopped and reflected on your ‘Career Opportunities’? Our client is looking for nurses of all levels, staff nurses, clinical nurse managers and also directors of nursing, from Ireland and beyond to join a growing team where education is an integral part of the nursing journey to ‘Career Advancement’.  Aged care nurses are going to play a huge and significant part in all of our futures. Why wait for the future, be at the heart of this truly rewarding nursing speciality now!

For more information contact Myriam on +353 1 4825310/ +44 207 8332534 or email myriam.reidy@cplhealthcare.com


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